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The Most Powerful GT Car Ever Made

1200 HP

Quad Motor

206 MPH

Top Speed

4 Passenger



Quad-Motor Power & Agility

The Drako GTE’s 1,200 hp and 8,800 Nm of combined at-the-wheels torque provide exhilarating, unrelenting acceleration and a top speed of 206 mph. With a motor at each wheel, the GTE’s agility and handling are unrivalled on any road surface. The quad motors individually manage traction for each tire to maximize not just grip, but fidelity to the driver’s inputs, delivering next-level control and safety on both road and track.


Truly Independent Precision

The GTE’s quad motors each have their own high-capacity inverter, engineered to withstand the demands of extreme performance driving while distributing each motor’s massive +225 kW to -225 kW power envelope with millisecond precision. High-speed, near-zero-latency control at each wheel gives the driver unprecedented immediacy and control.


Elegant Simplicity: Direct-Drive Gearbox

A 5.56:1 reduction gearbox is fitted directly to each of the four permanent magnet hybrid synchronous motors, and in turn drives each wheel. This simple yet elegant arrangement enables extremely precise delivery of the GTE’s 1,200 hp and 8,800 Nm of torque, ensuring incredible performance, agility, control, and safety in all conditions.


Cutting-Edge Battery Cooling

The Drako GTE’s battery pack is designed and engineered to deliver a constant 900 kW of power--nearly a megawatt--to its quad motors. The 90-kWh battery pack can supply up to 1,800 amps continuously, and up to 2,200 peak amps. A massively parallel cooling architecture within the battery pack ensures each cell is cooled properly--lap after lap.


Partners in Excellence

Top-tier suspension and braking components ensure the GTE’s robust track capabilities and comfort and safety on the street. Öhlins four-way adjustable dampers provide fine-grained control over the GTE’s ride quality and handling characteristics, while Brembo carbon ceramic brakes front and rear provide phenomenal stopping power, modulation, and fade resistance.


Virtual Differentials

By replacing physical differentials with quad motors and software, the GTE can do more than limit slip. With 2,200 Nm of positive torque applied to the outside wheels in a turn, and 2,200 Nm of negative torque to the inside wheels, up to 4,400 Nm of differential torque can be created--and controlled with millisecond precision. This unprecedented level of control enables the driver to maximize speed, traction, and the sheer joy of driving.


Select Your Passion: Quattro Manettino

Drako’s driver-focused mission means that rather than hiding the magic, we put it front and center--and under your control. The Quattro Manettino console-mounted switches give full control of torque vectoring and slip, front-rear power distribution, and regenerative braking. Six road surface condition modes (RACE, TRACK, DRY, RAIN, SNOW, ICE) can also be selected to optimize performance in any situation.


Form or Function: Why Not Both?

The Drako GTE’s wide, powerful stance plants it firmly to the ground, yet its muscular, flowing surfaces project its readiness to meet the driver at the limit, or perhaps beyond. A four-seater with the sensual elegance of a true grand tourer, the GTE’s form is the visual expression of the exhilaration and joy a driver feels behind the wheel.


Signature Style

The Drako GTE’s unmistakable rear-view mirror presence is dominated by its wide, low proportions, rooted in the three massive air intakes that form the lower half of the nose. Flowing, carefully sculpted surfaces bring the complex, function-driven forms together, simplifying and reducing as they surround the slim, piercing headlights to create a focused, confident expression.


Aerodynamic Advantage

The GTE’s form is as functional as it is beautiful, from the fluid surfaces to the archetypal “Coda Tronca” rear end. A low, wide splitter up front works in concert with the prominent rear diffuser and smooth underbody to provide real performance gains--and also a visual reminder of the GTE’s performance-focused DNA.


Four Passenger Luxury

As an ultra premium grand touring supercar, GTE luxuriously accommodates four passengers and their luggage while providing ample legroom and easy ingress and egress. The front and rear seats are designed with a blend of hand stitched leather and alcantara striking the perfect balance between extraordinary comfort and supportive bolstering for high performance driving. To uniquely personalize GTE, owners can configure their car by selecting from a wide range of colors, materials and finishes.


Hand-Crafted Luxury for Four

The GTE’s ultra-performance grand touring package would be incomplete without an ultra-premium cabin with ample space for people and their gear. Easy in-out door openings lead to hand-stitched leather and Alcantara seating, the perfect marriage of materials and support. Owners can uniquely personalize their GTE with an extensive range of colors, materials, and finishes.


Drako GTE

Four permanent magnet hybrid synchronous motors (225 kW each)

Four direct drive gearboxes

Reduction Ratio

1,200 hp

Wheel Torque
6,500 ft-lbs / 8,880 nM

Top Speed
206 mph

Battery Energy
90 kWh

Battery Voltage

Battery Battery Amperage
2200A peak / 1800A continuous

Battery Cooling
Massively parallel cooling architecture

AC Charging
15 kW with onboard charger

DC Fast Charging
150 kW

Charging Protocols
Compatible with current widely available EV charging infrastructure: J1772, CCS, Chademo

Öhlins TTX 36

Brembo Carbon Ceramic
Front: 6 piston caliper, 395 mm x 36 mm carbon ceramic rotor
Rear: 4 piston caliper, 395 mm x 32 mm carbon ceramic rotor

Road Package: 21 inch monoblock forged one piece wheels
Track Package: 20 inch lightweight three piece forged wheels

Road Package: Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires (Front: 295/30/21; Rear: 315/30/21)
Track Package: Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires (Front: 285/35/20; Rear: 305/30/20)


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