Drako DriveOS(tm)

Taking electric vehicles to a new level of performance, handling and safety.

Drako Motors will license the DriveOS platform to electric vehicle manufacturers starting in early 2017. Electric vehicles will be able to deliver more compelling performance, handling and safety levels. Manufacturers can also offer their customers increased road traction in adverse weather and road conditions, as well as stability and predictability in emergency situations. Our technology platform takes electric vehicles to a new level of performance, handling and safety.

Single Vehicle Control Unit (VCU)

Precise Function Coordination

Drako DriveOS has a single VCU which provides four wheel electronic torque vectoring, four wheel regenerative braking, electronic stability control, traction control, battery management, and instrument display interface all in a single unit.

New automobiles today typically have 100 million+ lines of code, with 100+ discrete and separate electronic control systems. DriveOS’ single VCU drivetrain architecture reduces redundancy and integration overhead, resulting in fewer lines of code and simplified implementation and testing. At the same time, it delivers more precise coordination of these systems, functional safety, and higher reliability.

Individual Wheel Acceleration & Deceleration

Performance, Control & Safety

The DriveOS four wheel torque vectoring system can dynamically apply both positive and negative torque to individual wheels as required in under 10 milliseconds, delivering top performance with minimal driver input. It dramatically improves drivability and performance, using precisely tuned algorithms to virtually eliminate understeer and oversteer.

The effectiveness of the four wheel torque vectoring system is clearly visible in the in-car footage of the lap record-breaking run during testing, as the vehicle tackles the tough Nordschleife corners. The DriveOS almost completely eliminates the mid-corner corrections that are evident in many other vehicles under such high speed cornering conditions.

Electronic Stability & Traction Control

Real-time proactive anti-skid & anti-spin

Drako Motors’ virtual quad sport wheel differential delivers superior electronic stabilization and traction control by applying real-time, proactive positive and negative torque to each wheel. We can dynamically shift torque between individual wheels at the millisecond level, reducing latency by an order of magnitude compared with traditional mechanical differentials.

Further, our Drako DriveOS supports any power distribution ratio, in contrast to mechanical differentials which have a limited power distribution range for front-to-rear and left-to-right splits.

Our improved speed and precision makes your vehicle extremely safe at high speeds and under nearly all weather and road conditions.

4 Wheel Regenerative Braking

Maximum kinetic energy recovery increases range and performance.

Hydraulic brakes are only used in limited circumstances, significantly extending brake pad and rotor life, while simplifying brake controller design and increasing safety.

Battery Management System

Battery management system monitors voltage, temperature, state of charge, and depth of discharge, along with cell charge and discharge balancing, plus battery range extension.

Supports AC and DC fast charging.