Drako Motors Announces Drako DriveOS Key to Setting New Lap Record

Drako Motors Announces Drako DriveOS Key to Setting New Lap Record

Nürburgring Lap Record set by Drako DriveOS-equipped Helsinki Metropolia Electric RaceAbout Car

Austin, Texas, August 6, 2015 – Drako Motors Inc. today announced that the Drako DriveOS™, a high performance, single VCU (vehicle control unit) drive system with proactive millisecond torque vectoring, was key to setting a new lap record during testing at one of the world’s most demanding proving grounds – Germany’s famous Nürburgring Nordschleife.

The Drako DriveOS-equipped Electric RaceAbout, a street-legal technology demonstration vehicle designed and built by the Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, set a lap time record of 7 minutes 49.04 seconds. The demonstration vehicle was driven by the Finnish driver Markus Palttala.

“The Drako DriveOS acts in a natural way to remove many of the vices inherent in a vehicle’s chassis,” Markus Palttala said. “It allows me to select the best line and make small corrections and adjustments without having to be concerned about oversteer or understeer. It’s an incredible technology.”

“Our DriveOS platform provides unrivalled safety and control at the performance edge, as we demonstrated with the Nürburgring lap record,” said Dean Drako, President & CEO of Drako Motors. “The ability to automatically apply acceleration and deceleration to each individual wheel was a key aspect to delivering maximum performance required during extremely demanding cornering.”

“We are pleased that the world class technology is now utilized in American electric vehicle development industry. Helsinki Metropolia is an innovative RDI partner for finding solutions to industry’s demanding future challenges,” said Helsinki Metropolia UAS’s Pekka Hautala, Head of User-centered Design and Production.

About Drako Motors

Drako Motors Inc. provides a software platform for electric sports cars to get maximum performance, safety, and cyber security. The lap record-setting Drako DriveOS operating system for drivetrains is a 4 wheel torque-vectoring drive system with a single vehicle control unit, with proactive millisecond acceleration and deceleration of individual wheels. The Drako DriveOS delivers unrivalled cornering performance and control, along with stability and traction in diverse road and weather conditions. The headquarters is at 4611 Bee Caves Rd, #206, Austin, TX 78746. For more information, please visit www.drakomotors.com or call +1-512-910-7110.

About Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences is Finland’s largest university of applied sciences, educates the professionals of tomorrow in fields of culture, business, health care, social services and technology. Metropolia has 16,500 students and 1100 staff members, with 67 degree programs, 15 of which are taught in English.  Metropolia is a reliable partner and an innovator in higher education. Through cooperation we discover new ideas and solutions to build a better future. www.metropolia.fi/en   www.facebook.com/MetropoliaAMK